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Don't judge me, Jezebel! JEZEBEEEEEEL!!!!!
Member since February 24, 2012
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About Me
* Creator of the "Mora" and "Abe & Dowel" series of comics on Club Stripes.

* Worked on the video game "Monster Madness."

* Worked for Southpeak Games and Creative Blender.

* Graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

* Half Canadian.

* Totally awesome.

How do I do the character folder thing? How do I do the "Hey, I'm streaming!" thing?

I'm sure I'll find out... but just in case, wouldn't mind help :)

Thanks in advance!

Date Joined February 24th, 2012
Website http://gunmouth.tumblr.com
Gender Male
Location Georgia
Birthday June 2, 1979

Twitter www.twitter.com/GuNMouTH


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iRenia   September 14, 2012 - 11:49AM
Thanks for the follow :3
GuNMouTH   February 24, 2012 - 8:40PM
Welcome to Nabyn, ME!!

Work harder!


I know where you live....